300mm red green color single traffic light with pole


300mm red green color single traffic light with pole


The parameters of the 300mm full-panel two-color single lamp:

Model: WDM-JD300-1-RG Mainly used for driving schools, crossroads and other places.
1. Product size: 350*350*110MM
2. Number of lamp beads: 75 red, yellow and green
3. Lightning diameter: 300MM
4. Lamp Beads Category: Taiwan Crystal Chip Lamp Beads
5. Red wavelength: 620-625NM
6. Yellow wavelength: 590-595NM
7. Green wavelength: 500-505NM (blue-green) 520-525NM (green)
8. Service life: 100000H
9. Shell material: PC
10. Working temperature: -40 ° C -65 ° C
11. Illumination angle: 30°
12. Protection level: IP53
13. Working voltage: AC220V
14. Visual distance: ≥600M
15. Installation method: horizontal or vertical


The characteristics of the 300mm full-panel two-color single lamp:

1. 300mm full-panel two-color single lamp adopts Taiwan crystal chip lamp beads, high brightness,  high refresh rate and long

service life

2. 300mm full-panel two-color single lamp back design with outlet holes, not only convenient for wiring, but also has a good

waterproof effect.
3. The 300mm full-panel two-color single lamp sunshade is made of PC material, which has better waterproof and dustproof

effect and simple installation.
4. Each type of lamp and lamp of the 300mm full-panel two-color single lamp adopts a snap-on design, which facilitates inspection

and maintenance of the product.


300mm full-panel two-color single lamp installation:

Installation method: vertical installation

1. Leave a screw on both ends and unscrew the nut on the screw.

2. Place the “L” bracket on the flat end and tighten the nut according to the hole position and the slot on the screw.
3. The sun visor is installed on the upper part of the lamp. The three-corner aluminum plate is folded into a circular arc shape,

which is placed on the lamp and screwed to the corresponding hole to tighten.

4. Make 2 holes on the signal light rod, drill holes according to the hole position of the L bracket of the signal, pass the light rod

through the appropriate screw, and put the L-shaped bracket on the screw and fix it with the nut.


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