300mm blind clock pedestrian traffic lights

First, the gospel of blind friends – the blind clock pedestrian traffic lights:

Pedestrian traffic lights refer to traffic lights that cross pedestrians in the middle of a crossroad. Pedestrian traffic lights must not

only allow pedestrians to pass normally, but must also allow blind people to follow the voice prompts to pass the zebra crossing.
So what we are introducing today is the traffic lights of the blind people. The pedestrians pass the sidewalk through the visual,

look at the situation of this traffic light. Look at the red light situation and the green light of the traffic signal. Everyone knows that

the red light stops.
Second, how does the blind clock and pedestrian traffic lights work?

traffic light countdown timer-4

First of all, the blind people do the traffic lights. It has this function. The blind clock is a traffic light. Its working mode means that

when the red light is in the state, it will show through the sound. So, for example, the red light is forbidden. Now the red light is

forbidden, and after the drip, the sound will be slower. First, then lower it after one second, then lower it after one second, it will

be slower. A little low, then when the blind hears this sound, he knows that the pedestrian traffic signal is now red light and is not

allowed to pass.
 Then when the blind person clocks the traffic lights, he sends out a green light now, please pass safely. Now it is a green light,

please use a prompt language like this, then the blind person knows that it is now the state of the green light, and then through

the rapid drip Drip sound, fast through this pedestrian zebra crossing, then cross the road
Third, how do blind people identify pedestrian traffic lights?


traffic light countdown timer-2

We are here today to introduce a built-in blind clock traffic light. The built-in blind clock means that the sound part is placed inside

the pedestrian traffic light, then he appears through the port and then makes a sound through the exposed position of the wiring

port. Install the speaker in this sounding position and then make a sound.
4. How is the traffic signal light of the blind people clock set up?
The built-in blind clock does not require a mechanical casing. By installing this sound-emitting module in the 300-type traffic signal,

it forms a mode of built-in blindness, sounding, and sounding. Ok, it’s awkward, simple and then after installing this product through

the traffic light shell, its waterproof performance is also a very good state, so the blind clock is specially made for the blind,so he is

also very good. A humanized product.

In addition to the blind pedestrian traffic lights, we also produces other traffic lights:
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traffic light countdown timer-3

Post time: Sep-18-2019
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