200mm red green countdown timer pedestrian traffic signal light

What is the countdown of the 200mm red green program countdown timer pedestrian traffic signal light?

The  200mm red green countdown timer pedestrian traffic signal light refers to the addition of a digital display or a light band display at the same time as the ordinary traffic lights are set at the intersection, and the remaining time of the current signal phase is displayed synchronously with the operation of the traffic signal controller.


The  200mm red green countdown timer pedestrian traffic signal light is mainly composed of countdown initial value acquisition device, timer and time display.

 Countdown technical solution for the  200mm red green countdown timer pedestrian traffic signal light:

Pedestrian countdown timer. The two lamp beads are made of condensing LEDs. Its LEDs are 5MM round-shaped lamp beads, because round-shaped lamp beads are condensing LEDs. The colloid is relatively high, and the colloid forms a light-concentrating effect. This LED is basically used for traffic signal indicators. Our 200 type pedestrian countdown is also used for this kind of LED.


AI machines and equipment are automatically produced, the designed circuit board is produced, all the corresponding resistors and LEDs are prepared, and then the pipeline is ready to start operation. Resistor machine resistance, AI vertical machine lights, DIP straight At first, put all the LEDs into tapes, then put them in the Universal Globe machine, and start to insert the LED directly. According to the set procedure, insert the entire LED board.


All the lamp boards with resistors and LEDs completed are inspected by the company’s quality management. After there are no problems, this product is put into wave soldering, and then all the LED pins are completely soldered. The wave soldering points are fuller and solder Uniform, no soldering; and environmentally friendly lead-free tin.


The shell of the two countdown lamps is an environmentally friendly plastic shell, which is characterized by good chemical stability and good corrosion resistance to general acids and alkalis; good electrical insulation, belongs to poor conductors, and is safe to use; It has good waterproof performance and durable.


Countdown timer Features of the 200mm red green countdown timer pedestrian traffic signal light:

1. Green energy, economic and environmental protection, does not contain harmful substances, and does not emit pollutants.

2. LED adopts Taiwan wafer chip, the service life is ≥100,000 hours, high brightness, unique optical system, uniform chromaticity, good warning effect and slow light attenuation.

3. Low power consumption, large viewing angle, high brightness, long visible distance and long working time.

4, strong and durable. Stable and reliable, high protection level. Impact resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance.

5. Waterproof. Easy to install.

6. The countdown can be either self-study or communication.

7, in line with GB / 14887-2003 and relevant international standards


 200mm red green countdown timer pedestrian traffic signal light manufacturers:

Shenzhen Wide way Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D and production of 200-type post program countdown manufacturers. Our countdown traffic lights are: 3 units single 8 countdown, 3 units double 8 countdown, traffic lights with countdown, countdown display, countdown display and so on.


 Shenzhen Wide Way Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. has been established for more than 10 years. It is an innovative and powerful manufacturer of countdown signals. We have an excellent team integrating design, research and development, production and sales. We introduce new products from time to time every year, and customers are welcome to plan and customize.


In addition to the  200mm red green countdown timer pedestrian traffic signal light, Shenzhen Wide Way Optoelectronic Co., Ltd also provides other traffic signal solutions:

1.Motor traffic signal light

2. Direction traffic lights

3.Mobile traffic lights

4.Integrated traffic lights, etc.

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